You live it every day. You understand the challenges of weight loss. You struggle with the burden of weight gain. You recognize eating less and exercising more can get you there, but find yourself struggling with weight loss programs that claim to keep the weight off.

Everyone tries. Everyone struggles. While there’s not one cause for obesity, a failure to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen can have a long lasting effect on your health. That’s frustrating.

Here are a few reasons why you might be obese:

Reason: Genetics

Sometimes, obesity is genetic. Your chance of being overweight increases 25% if one or both of your parents is obese.

Reason: Hormones

There are often larger, metabolic reasons for weight gain. Peptides in your stomach may over or under produce, which can trigger hunger more often. These peptides can also contribute to signals in your brain that let you know when you feel full.

Reason: Lifestyle

When you overeat, and don’t exercise, you gain weight. When you eat a diet high in sugar, fat and refined foods, you gain more weight.

Reason: Medications

We often take medications for conditions that result in side effects like weight gain. Medications prescribed for endocrine disorders, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and depression often contribute to weight gain.


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