Hospital & Recovery

The Bariatric Floor will be your home away from home. You’ll feel comfortable. You’ll feel comforted. You’ll have the privacy you need and the care you deserve.

Pre-Operative Holding Area

  • After you check in at Admissions, you’ll meet your team of nurses and start your IV
  • Your Anesthesiologist and Surgeon will check in with you and answer any new questions and prep you for surgery

The Operating Room

  • You’ll move to the Operating Room, where you’ll shift comfortably to a gurney for your surgery
  • From there you probably won’t remember much, but rest assured your team will take care of you


  • After surgery, you’ll move to the Recovery Room, where you’ll stay until you’re awake and comfortable

The Bariatric Floor

  • We’ll monitor your blood sugar and manage your pain
  • We’ll start you on your Phase 1 Diet
  • We’ll welcome your family and we’ll send you home when you’re ready
  • 80% of our patients leave the hospital after one night, and most others leave after two nights

Follow-Up Care

  • Your follow-up appointments will depend on your method of weight loss surgery:

Gastric Bypass | Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • Why? To check in on your overall physical health and provide any additional education, information or maintenance
  • Initial Appointment: 1 week post operation
  • Follow Up: 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 1-yr, 18-month and 2-yr
Getting Back to Life

You’ve just had had major abdominal surgery with general anesthesia. It’s normal to feel tired, for up to 3 weeks from your surgery date. Slow down, be patient and call us if you need advice. In the meantime, here are answers to some key post-operative questions.

Can I shower?

  • You can get all of your incisions wet after leaving the hospital; just don’t take a bath or swim for 1 week.

How active can I be?

  • Don’t overdo it, and be careful not to rip, pull or tear anything done in surgery. Walk and take the stairs, but if you feel tired or start hurting, then stop and rest.
  • Refrain from sit-ups or weight training until two weeks after surgery.

Will there be incisional pain?

  • Everyone responds differently, but it’s normal to have abdominal wall pain, incisional pain, or muscle spasms. Take your pain medication or use a heating pad and call us if your pain gets worse.
  • You might also experience bloating and gas pains in the first 2 days post-surgery.

Can I drive my car?

  • Don’t drive a car if you’re experiencing pain or taking pain medication, because your reflexes and response time may be affected.

Can I return to work?

  • We recommend returning to work 1-2 weeks after laparoscopic surgery.

What about my regular medications?

    • Resume your regular medications when you get home, especially blood pressure and depression medications.
    • If you’re taking medications for diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heartburn, arthritis, consult your team because your need might decrease. If you’re on diabetes medication, check your blood sugar daily.
    • You should not be taking NSAIDS, so consult your doctor with any questions.

What Kind of Results to Expect

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Diet & Life After