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Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Initial Bariatric Consultation

Prior to surgery, you’ll spend time with the surgeon. You’ll learn about the details of each bariatric surgery type, benefits and risks of weight loss surgery.

Lab Work

  • The surgeon will work with you to determine a specific list for laboratory testing


  • All patients must have an EKG (Electrocardiogram) performed

Sleep Study

  • Sleep apnea is a common disorder in people who are overweight. With sleep apnea, blood oxygen levels can drop very low
  • Patients with sleep apnea may be at higher risk for certain complications, like heart arrhythmia and heart attacks. Diagnosing and treating this disorder before surgery may significantly improve your post-operative care

Stress Test/Cardiology

  • Patients who are at risk for heart disease will need a pre-operative stress test to decrease the risk of any heart problems at the time of surgery
  • Often, before this test is performed, the patient must have stopped certain blood pressure medications
    Call the lab several days before having this test to make sure those medications don’t interfere with the study

Additional Tests

  • We require all patients to stay up-to-date with recommended medical tests, like an annual mammography for women 40 above and a colonoscopy every 5 – 10 years for patients over 50

What to Expect at a Pre-Operative Bariatric Consultation

Two weeks prior to surgery, you’ll have a consultation session with your surgeon, where you’ll review the consent form and go over your pre-operative testing results and post-operative diet.

How to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery with Lifestyle Changes

Two weeks prior to surgery, you’ll have a consultation session with your surgeon, where you’ll review the consent form and go over your pre-operative testing results and pre and post-operative diet.

Patient’s should begin a very low calorie diet before bariatric surgery. This diet should last 2 weeks.

Guidelines for your Diet – Before and Life After Bariatric Surgery

Before Weight Loss Surgery

To prepare for weight loss surgery, you will meet with a registered dietitian specializing in bariatrics and weight management to assist you in preparing for your journey while meeting the requirements of your insurance plan. During the pre-operative nutrition visits, the Einstein Bariatrics dietitian will guide you in starting to make lifestyle changes in your diet and activity pattern. You will also learn all the specifics of the weight loss surgery diet and the nutritional skills to help you follow the diet before and after surgery. You will also be provided with information on the vitamins and minerals that you will need to start taking lifelong after weight loss surgery.

Pre-Surgery Nutritional Preparation

  • Eating three meals per day — Avoid skipping meals
  • Protein, Protein, Protein — Learn how to include protein at meals and snacks
  • Decrease portion sizes – Start using smaller plates and bowls
  • Choose healthier options when dining out – Limit fast foods
  • Eat more plant foods – Aim for at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day
  • Begin to move more – Get started on an exercise routine
  • Drink more water – Find alternatives to sweetened, carbonated beverages
  • Practice “mindful eating” – Pay attention to your stomach and stop eating when you are no longer hungry
  • Practice chewing your foods thoroughly before swallowing – Take at least 20 minutes to eat
  • Practice sipping your fluids – Do not chug or gulp your liquids
  • Practice eating and drinking separately – Not drinking 30 minutes before your meals, during your meals and 30 minutes after your meals

Once your date for surgery is all set, you will follow a specific diet for the two weeks before your surgery date. The 14-day pre-operative diet will consist of unlimited non-starchy beverages, protein shakes, and unsweetened beverages. This special pre-operative diet will improve your surgeon’s ability to perform the weight loss surgery procedure safely while jump-starting your weight loss at the same time.

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