How to Choose a Program

It’s up to you. Our team recommends either the Gastric Bypass Surgery or Sleeve Gastrectomy for most weight loss candidates, but we’re happy to explore what option makes the most sense for every patient during your informational session with our team. Then we can help you have peace of mind as you plan and prepare for your surgery.

Should I choose Gastric Bypass Surgery?
  • I want to lose the most amount of weight possible
  • I don’t want to constantly be hungry, and need guidance managing my balance of food and exercise
  • I have diabetes
Should I choose a Sleeve Gastrectomy?
  • I’m nervous Gastric Bypass Surgery is too much for me to handle
  • I’ve had extensive abdominal operations, including intestinal surgeries or hernia operations
  • I have a very high BMI or weigh more than 500 pounds


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